Anna Chudzik-Pawlik

About the artist

For many years she created analog collages often using the image of her own face. Then she moved to thematic cycles – “EXODUS” where hand embroidery constituted an essential element. This technique, the combination of embroidery and collage, was also used to create the #allGods series dealing with women related themes. In 2018 she realised a collage music video for the song “Quartiernik” by the band T. LOVE. She collaborates with global brands, including Sisley Paris (collage workshops, limited edition Christmas cards).

In 2022 she introduced performance into her art practice realizing the project blis(s)kość/ close-ness, which tells the story of her intimate encounter with the goddess Mokosha, Mother of the Wet Earth . The artist merged with the goddess by burying herself naked in the ground, surrendering completely to her with helplessness and sorrow. The project “here is MY body” is another step women’s stories being tenderly told and another encounter with a goddess – this time with the Goddess Dakini..

Here is MY body

“I believe in the power of the body. So does patriarchy. That’s why it has been shaming and dishonoring our female bodies for so long. A woman’s body does not belong to her. It has been placed under the jurisdiction and control of governments, families and religions. This is why, throughout history, in so many cultures around the world, women have been veiled with shame – with clothing that covers their entire bodies , quilts, veils and head coverings. A man can go out with his torso uncovered, but a woman who does so commits a crime. Breastfeeding is hidden in toilets or under voluminous scarves. Abortion is controlled by male lawmakers and religious leaders. Menstrual blood in TV commercials is colored blue. And while the likenesses of penises can be found almost everywhere, female genitalia are invisible in our culture being the biggest taboo. Except for pornography. Which is becoming increasingly violent. The control and punishment of the female body are some of the biggest defining factors of patriarchy.”

Lucy H. Pearce “Burning Woman”

“I lean over my body, no longer young, with its history, wrinkles and scars. I look at it with the words of men. I uncover it with their statements and opinions. I invoke the Goddess Dakini to honour the body…women with dance and ritual. To show our power, to shout out anger and disagreement.”

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Country of origin: Poland

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