Inês R. Amado

About the artist

Inês is a Portuguese artist, curator and PhD mentor who works between the U.K. and Portugal. Her work spans several media: video, site-specific installation, sound and performance with a particular interest in interdisciplinary, collaboration and participatory projects through a process of dialogue, interaction, and exchange. Her work is informed and immersed in Deep Listening®.
She is the creator/director of the cultural programme BreadMatters: Ecological sustainability has been one of her main concerns and totally immersed in her art practice since 2000, when she co-organised and curated the first BreadMatters at NNTheatre and BWA Gallery, in Lublin, Poland. This cultural programme is an ongoing project, which has taken place in Poland, Ireland, Portugal, USA, Italy and Cyprus.
Her work has been exhibited throughout Europe, USA, Mexico, West Africa, Uruguay, India.
During the pandemic she created: CREiA::: Creative Attentive Studio for a mindful art practice (online course, delivered in collaboration with a colleague)
During January 2023, she was invited to a residency in Montemero, Andalusia, Spain, where climate erosion and sedimentation are constant and a terrible threat, thus she focused her work on a participatory performance called Impermanence, which took place in a cave.

The performative work she’s been working on questions temporality, interconnection, résilience, traces of history and memory, inner reflections, and outer quests, as well as issues of the sustainable in art and being, exploring how acts of listening deeply, can attune, ground and connect us to ourselves, each other, and everything that surrounds us.

Earthing Call is the performative participatory piece which is taking place in Płock and will be addressing these issues and involving the public into immersing, questioning, and interconnecting, through a process of engagement, opening up and listening in-depth to the surroundings as well as to their inner selves.

Additional information

Country of origin: Portugal