Hedda Amundsen

Hedda Amundsen

About the artist

The artist writes: I hold a BFA from Lasalle College of the Arts (Singapore, 2009 – 2012) and a MFA from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (Norway, 2012 – 2014). I use mediums that alternate between being digital and analogue which includes performance, sculpture, poetry, photography, and artist books. Individual works are often included in total installations through various constellations and titles.
My practice is mainly project-based, where I work quite intuitively within self-defined boundaries. I work with different projects simultaneously, usually happening over several years. Current projects include: “The Advantages of Depression” shown/performed in various formats and venues such as Kunstbanken: Hedmark Kunstsenter (2022), Oppland Kunstsenter (2022) and Galleri Ask (2021). The project is ongoing and has taken form of artist books, sculptures, textile works, performances and installations. Thematically the project relates to mental health, sex, popular culture and geology. Another ongoing project has a working title “Dagny Juel Army” and deals with the life and writings of Dagny Juel Przybyszewska (1867 – 1901). I investigate her literary works and use these as departure points for artworks in various mediums and formats.
In my practice I always incorporate self-biographical elements, relating to vulnerable experiences and interpersonal relationships. I link these experiences to pop culture or history (related to people, places, events) and work associatively based on my research material. Maximalism appeals to me with its playfulness, patterning, repetition, it’s layer upon layer – buffet instead of á la carte. My works often contain a duality in aesthetics and subject matter. I am ambivalent. Playful and serious. Heavy and light. Tragic and comic.
For the festival in Płock I’m performing a new work which is a poetic monologue “Dude, where’s my horse?”. There I’m a lonely cowboy, tired after a long day of looking for my horse.

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Country of origin: Norway

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