Ilona Sękowska-Lenart

About the artist

I was born in Tarnów in 2001. I am a graduate of the Art School Complex in Tarnów – specialization Artistic Furniture. I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, majoring in Art and Design of Ceramics.
In creating, the most important for me are personal impressions and the need for a story dressed in expressive forms. I don’t like limiting myself to a specific tool, I appreciate changing and combining different media, e.g. painting and sculpture. The projects that appeal to me the most are sincere, despite maintaining a certain understatement.

I am a person who analyzes space and then wants to tell the conclusions of her thoughts through artistic realizations. I work with painting, graphics, sculpture, ceramics, photography and start working with performance. These media, depending on what I want to say, I choose adequately to the topic. Sometimes with one painting gesture you can say something more accurately than with a group of sculptures and vice versa.

My first official performance titled “Fate” was performed during the defense of my bachelor thesis. It was an action combined with ceramics, where I played the role of an independent fate that manipulates human lives, symbolized by unfired figures made of cast mass.
I am inspired by philosophy, art, and above all my everyday life, which is why my works often deal with national themes. For the sculpture “Polish User” I won the award of the mayor of Tarnów during the 9th Spring Salon of BWA Tarnów.

Additional information

Country of origin: Poland