Irena Wiszniewska

About the artist

A journalist and writer, she published reports about Lithuania “Paroles dégelées” in France, and a collection of interviews “We, Jews from Poland” and the book “Nothing is impossible, conversations with Michael Schudrich, the chief rabbi of Poland” in Poland. She practices street art, telling stories at fairs in Podlasie, on the streets of Provence, Madagascar and Odessa. She writes poetry because it is her dialogue with the world.

Here is how the artist talks about her performance:

“It looks like this: I stand on the street with a sign that says: ‘I will make up a story, for free, and this story will be known by no one in the world but you.’ I ask the listener for a word, and it is to this ad hoc word that I come up with a story. It’s short, with action and heroes. I speak in French, Polish and Russian. I have done it in Morocco, Madagascar, Podlasie, Odessa and Provence.”

Additional information

Country of origin: Poland