Ola Kozioł

About the artist

Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. Her art practice includes painting, installation, video and performance. In her performances she relies on her voice, using the technique of “white singing.” Ola focuses on the issues related to animal rights, human and interspecies relations. She combines ecology with posthumanism, feminist themes, and pacifism. She is interested in processual art, oriented towards action and interaction, involved in everyday life.
Her collaborative musical projects include: Mutant Goat (album “Yonder”), Byszewians, Urban Feather Darting, Strzeminski Choir. Together with Suavas Lewy she forms the art group “Przepraszam”/Sorry. She curates, initiates, co-designs and supports educational, artistic, and social projects, workshops for children and voice liberating workshops for women.
Ola is a vegan and has been a mum since 2019.

An audio story based on selected photographs from the past and present. The artist vocalizes in an abstract language where emotions rather than words are the carriers of content.

Additional information

Country of origin: Poland

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