Olha Chyhryk

Olha Chyhryk

About the artist

She studied in Lviv between 2009 and 2013 and graduated from the following institutions: Lviv State College of Decorative and Applied Arts. Ivan Trush. Faculty of Painting, Lviv National Academy of Fine Arts (2009–2011). She presented her works at individual exhibitions: “Birds”, Drohobych (Ukraine), 2014; “Mine”, Drohobycz, 2014; Exhibition of paintings, Lviv, 2016; Exhibition of paintings, Cisna, 2017.

Collective exhibitions and projects:
“Quotations from works by Bruno Schulz”, Drohobych, 2011; Exhibition “Fresh look 2”, Drohobycz, 2012;
“Birds”, movie, 2012; Installation/performance (together with Marta Kwiatkowska) titled “Word”, Drohobych, 2012; Slava Frolova Group “Looking into the eyes of randomness”, Lviv, 2013; Literary video performance “Echoes of the Street of Crocodiles”, 2013; Installation “Without Words”, Nahujowice, 2013; Gaude Polonia scholarship holder, 2015; Video performance “Fountain”, 2016.

DIM/HOUSE-HOMEDIM is a theme that Olha began working on during the war.The very understanding of the word DIM has acquired a new spectrum of meaning.DIM is the creation of a human being, at the same time DIM creates a human being.DIM provides the ultimate security and, at the same time, the ultimate threat.It is our memory, history, will, ritual and roots.DIM is a way of self-creation.We shape our DIM or DIM shapes us.

Additional information

Country of origin: Ukraine