Rita Marhaug

Rita Marhaug

About the artist

She studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen, which she graduated from in 1989, and at the University of Bergen, where she completed her BA degree in art history in 1996. Now she is a professor at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Bergen, Faculty of Specialized Art, where her primary focus is on graphic arts. Since the early 1990s, she has participated in many individual and collective exhibitions, both home and abroad. The most important tools used by her in her artistic activity are graphics, drawing, photography, books, video and performance.

The Donor (of Life and Death)
Her starting point are the life-giving liquids, milk and blood, as well as the ancient Minoan goddess of snakes. The performance itself will not have snakes or blood in it, just the traces, the symmetry of the figure, her waist, her dress and tall hat, being clear references.

Additional information

Country of origin: Norway