Robert Jędrzejewski

About the artist

Intuitive artist, creative improviser, cellist, composer. Engaged in investigating to what extent truly free and maximally pure improvisation can become a basic creative method in the field of the extremely dynamic performative sphere of contemporary world. He examines and tests what elements are the main drivers of this kind of practice and how human beings behave in these interactive conditions.
Studied cello and composition at the Music Academy in Cracow. He mastered his skills at courses in performance of contemporary electronic and computer music, as well as composition and improvisation at the French Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique IRCAM. He collaborated with the Performer Theater – Institute of New Art in Zamość. He co-founded the improvising composers duo Saluluekip, In 2020, his thesis “Improvisation as a real-time composition based on the author’s Creations for cello solo” gave him the title of Doctor of Musical Arts at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. Recipient of a scholarship from the Plock Foundation, twice a scholarship from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage (Patkowski Project and Video score). Beneficiary of the Collections – Composers’ Orders program of the Institute of Music and Dance (Video score 2 and Energetic Resonance). Laureate of the Art of Improvisation festival in Wroclaw. Jędrzejewski initiated the conference NEW SENSE OF MUSIC: Composer – Improviser – Performer at the UMFC and the Art Fest WAWA’ LULU at the Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw. Numerous presentations and artistic collaborations in Poland (Warsaw Autumn, Audio Art, Ad Libitum, Fortalice, Sacrum Profanum, Intuitiva, Musica Privata, Mózg Festival), as well as in Europe, USA, Canada and Singapore.

“Performance art – announces something that will always be to do in art. It is an anticipation of a free territory, space that will always be open. This territory is not some special opportunity, artistic economic climate, the territory to show off, to shine; it is the inner space in man, the life-giving void, most often ignored. Let’s call it the mystery of man, the eternal unknown, even for spiritual specialists, because man does not know and does not register when and why the transformation occurs in him” Z. Warpechowski

A performative action for a soloist and an audiovisual projection during which a kind of interactivity will be generated both by human gestures and instincts of the performer, as well as by algorithms created by computer systems. It’s a play with the source, home, the past, the space of the city and neighborhood where I grew up. It’s an attempt to be open to transformation as a result of confronting the questions: what, where, when, how and why does it happen?

Here and now.

And in order to spontaneously become aware of the present time, we have to be, in a sense, dissatisfied with the current situation, and two factors seem to be relevant then:

  1. expectation/meditation
  2. effort of continuity/creation
    These two elements interfere with each other making up the energy record of action, and the perception of the present – duration, like the richness of content – depends on the ability to organize the successive elements into a single whole. Through imagination, tension/prediction and decision (the act of ostension), to reaction and evaluation, which closes the autopoietic loop.

Additional information

Country of origin: Poland