Volodymyr Topiy

Volodymyr Topiy

About the artist

He studied at the Faculty of Interior Design in the National Academy of Arts in Lviv. He explores themes of metaphysical structures of life, the “kaleidoscope” of human consciousness and human existence in contemporary mass culture. He creates icons and deals with performance art as well as religious and ideological painting.

Selected exhibitions and presentations: exhibition “Autumn Salon” at the Palace of Art; vitrospektsiya, 10th International Festival “Spring Wind” (Kiev, 2008). Solo exhibition “Vita longa vita brevis” held at the “Insight” Gallery in Lviv (2010).

He has performed at multiple festivals such as L2 (Lublin, 2009) and Art Week (Lviv, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012).

Additional information

Country of origin: Ukraine