20 March 2024

Conference concluding the project “Stories. The world is more complicated than our truths about it”

We organized the official and ceremonial ending of the “Stories” project on March 19, 2024.

It all started at 11th partnership meeting, attended by representatives of the museum, headed by MMP director Leonard Sobieraj, and representatives of our Norwegian partner Kunstbanken Center for Contemporary Art in Hamar – Ingrid Blekastad, director of the center, and curator Christel Sverre. The curator and originator of the entire project, Małgorzata Sady, also took part in the meeting.

The partnership meeting was an opportunity to discuss all activities that took place within the project, their advantages, the value they brought, as well as the difficulties that occurred during implementation. Plans for the future were also discussed, while emphasizing that such fruitful cooperation should not end with the end of the project. The meeting lasted three hours, took place in a friendly atmosphere and put the guests in a positive mood for the rest of the day. And the day promised to be interesting.

Before the meeting concluding the project, a press conference was held, after which the guests gathered in the museum auditorium, who first had the opportunity to watch a film about individual project events. Afterwards, short speeches and thanks were given by Małgorzata Sady and Ingrid Blekastad, and on behalf of director Leonard Sobieraj, words of gratitude were expressed to all those implementing the project and involved in specific activities by Agnieszka Kaniewska – Płocieniak – project coordinator. The relaxed and pleasant atmosphere of the “spoken” part naturally prompted us to commemorate this moment – people present in the audience co-creating the project were invited to take a commemorative photo.

During the break, the guests could see the exhibition of the Płock Photographic Society, specially prepared for this occasion. A. Maciesza with photos from the International Festival of Performing Arts, which took place as part of the project in July last year.

After the break, the Nowosielski Audiovisual Misterium concert began. Artur Dutkiewicz’s contemplative music meets Andrzej Wąsik’s visualizations based on Jerzy Nowosielski’s paintings. It was an appropriate and worthy complement to the whole, harmonizing well with the nature of the project itself and the work of Franciszka and Stefan Themerson – patrons of this annual spectacular event.