Multimedia exhibition "Pochwała szczęśliwego przypadku/ In praise of serendipity"

7 november – 31 december 2023

Information: Free entrance
Event date: 7 november – 31 december 2023
Event location: Płock
Event address: Tumska 8,
09-402 Płock

The title of the exhibition refers to the interactive nature of the works presented at the exhibition. The viewer’s presence will evoke images and sounds in an unpredictable and random way, creating incredible visual and sound narratives. Stefan Themerson praised chance (which he called sloppiness) in his essay “On the need to create visions”* Chance aided by artificial intelligence will construct an illusory but probable reality (Grzegorz Rogala’s installations), accidentally found film materials will create unknown references (Wiktoria Sara Davis’s installation) . It was a coincidence that brought an aspiring filmmaker to the house of unknown artists in London almost fifty years ago (documentary essay by Tomasz Pobog-Malinowski)

At the exhibition we will see:

– “Couple” – an interactive audiovisual installation dedicated to the Themersons (G.Rogala)

– “Them Two” – interactive visual installation (Rogala/Krzysztoń)

– “Palimpsest” – interactive visual installation (Rogala Krzysztoń)

– Installation by Victoria Sara Davis – a six-screen circle of projections inspired by found fragments of the 13-year-old documentary ‘Themerson&Themerson’.

– documentary essay by Tomasz Pobog Malinowski “Stefan and Franciszka”, accompanied by audiovisual materials.

The exhibition will be accompanied by screenings of artistic animated films by the respected Norwegian animator Anita Killa (Troll Studio) and children’s films produced by Serafinski Studio (Warsaw, producer Małgorzata Serafińska-Bosek) – the series “Agatka” and “Szmatkowe Królestwo”.

This second series is the only Polish animated film qualified for the competition of this year’s edition of the most important international animated film festival in Annecy (France).

The exhibition is curated by Małgorzata Sady.

Małgorzata Sady writes and talks about film, art and literature, translates, photographs, paints, and creates sound spaces. She works on documentaries and animated films and lectures at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw. Since the late 1970s, as a curator, translator and author of artistic projects, she has been cooperating with art centres, film studios, universities, theatres, performance art and film festivals in Poland and on all continents. Author of numerous translations in the field of contemporary art, literature, philosophy and history (Wittgenstein, Russell, Themerson, Czechowicz, Poświatowska and others). Two-time scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Curator of the Themersons’ permanent exhibition at the Mazovian Museum in Płock. Since 2002, she has been publishing Themersons’ Scattered Works in her publishing house “Gaberbocchus in Poland”. She has been collaborating with the Themerson Festival in Płock since its inception. The work of this extraordinary pair of artists was the subject of many of her lectures, presentations, exhibitions and publications in Poland, Japan, Israel, Belarus, Switzerland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, Sweden and others. Currently, she is implementing a one-year project financed by the Culture Program — EEA Funds, inspired by the work of the Themersons, and is finishing work on the biography of Franciszka and Stefan, with whom she was friends for the last 10 years of their lives.

She leads a nomadic lifestyle in search of universal values ​​and beauty.


Multimedia Exhibition