04 May 2023

Open call! Performance Festival – join us! We are waiting for artists’ submissions

We invite you to co-create the Performance Festival, which is part of the project “Stories. The world is more complicated than our truths about it”.

When – 19-22 of July, 2023

Where – Mazovian Museum in Płock

Proposals of performances should include a description of the activity/work, including its duration, possible technical/material requirements, place of operation. Suggestions of places can be found in the photos below.

The applications should be sent to the following addresses: m.sady@wp.pl, a.plocieniak@muzeumplock.eu and j.michalska@muzeumplock.eu.

The deadline for submitting your applications is May 31, 2023. Information about qualifying for participation in the Festival will be sent by June 10, 2023.

We provide accommodation from July 18 to July 23. We also offer meals during the Festival.

The idea of ​​the Festival is that storytelling is the oldest way of communication between humans. These stories can be told in different ways. People like to hear stories because there is real life in them. Every person and every work of art carries a story. By creating art, we share our experience, feelings and knowledge with others. By opening up with all sincerity, we build trust, which is the base for real and fruitful cooperation. In the project, the title “Stories” plays the role of a universal language (method) by means of which the partners propose to enrich the experience of participating in art, its understanding, reception and creation. Starting with the individual we come to universality. Art has an inherent quality of establishing communication/transferring information, giving a different status to our experience.

Over 50 artists from Great Britain, Portugal, Norway, Italy, Ukraine, Ireland, USA, Switzerland, Germany and Poland will take part in the Festival.