25 January 2024

Preschoolers in the world of animation

Motion puns, play dough cookies and wonderful animated films – “Agatka” and “Szmatkowe królewstwo” by Serafiński Studio – these are the attractions that accompanied our meetings with preschoolers organized as part of the “Stories” project. Did you know that nearly 300 little cinema lovers from nine kindergartens in Płock took part in it? 🙂

The shows for kindergarten groups are over, but don’t worry that we’re saying goodbye to Agatka and the “Rap Kingdom” – tomorrow, December 9, we invite you to the Serafiński Studio Family Animation Show – “Agatka” and “The Rag Kingdom”

The shows are part of the “Stories. The world is more complicated than our laws about it”, carried out by the Masovian Museum in Płock in partnership with the Kunstbanken Center for Contemporary Art in Hamar, Norway, and financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (MF EEA_ 2014 – 2021).