25 January 2024

Semantic poetry as an access key

A day without cool workshops is a day wasted for us! On Wednesday we talked about semantic poetry, a concept invented – of course – by Stefan Themerson.

Mazurek Dąbrowski, according to the principles of this poetry, was composed anew with us by the students of the Economic and Merchant School Complex in Płock and the Secondary School. Tadeusz Kościuszko Gostynin.

We would like to thank our young guests and the poet Maciej Woźniak for developing the concept and conducting the workshops “Stefan Themerson’s Semantic Poetry as an Access Key”.

It turns out that Stefan Themerson’s work is still relevant and can be happily subjected to various interpretations. The students looked at an unusual creative method and tried, using dictionary definitions, to change the words of a well-known text into words that would be more embedded in modern times.