25 January 2024

Themerson workshops for secondary schools

Hello, hello, teachers and high school students! Do you want to go on a developing and exciting journey to the land of imagination?

The Masovian Museum in Płock invites you to free workshops!

Here are the dates:

– December 12, 2023 at 10.00 or 12. 00 – animation creation workshops with a trick table – conducted by Eliza and Radek Łabarzewscy

– December 13, 2023 at 10.00 or 12.00 – semantic poetry workshops – led by Maciek Woźniak

Here are the descriptions of our classes:

Workshops on creating animations FROM CONCRETE TO ABSTRACT

When we put a comb, a bottle, a leaf, a tea strainer on the table and turn on the shutter of the camera, the image that the camera generates on its LCD screen will be a representation of the comb, a bottle, a leaf and a tea strainer on the table. It’s different when we put these objects on photo paper and turn on the light. The image that will be created in this way will no longer be an image of reality, but the reality of the PHOTOGRAPH. We just need to remember that the light must be “active” – ​​it “paints” the image.

You can use a light bulb, a flashlight, a candle or a lit match as a light source. By moving them, we observe the shadow dance. Light strokes three-dimensional objects and can lengthen or shorten shadows, brighten or darken them. It’s as fascinating as looking at a fire burning in the fireplace. Not the combustion itself, of course, but the process, the interplay of dark and light. Almost 100 years ago, Franciszka and Stefan decided to record this process taking place over time and create “photograms in motion”. This is how moving visions of images were created. Generated from concrete objects and light, they were not their image, but what they are, pure abstraction.

We want to recreate this fascinating process of imagination and show how creative and exciting this activity is. For this purpose, we will use a replica of a trick table designed by Stefan Themerson, a camera (i.e. a digital camera), various light sources, a laptop and a projector, and several everyday items.

Semantic poetry workshops

Poland – say it yourself.

Stefan Themerson’s semantic poetry as an access key.

  1. Two on a slide – Franciszka and Stefan as artists (and people) in constant motion

/outline of biography, creative profiles, connections with the avant-garde, connections with Płock/

  1. Stefan’s tagging – from an outcast to a lecturer at the department of decency

/main motifs, songs, concepts, common ideas with OuLiPo/

  1. Without hearts, without spirit – semantic poetry as a response to emotional demagogy and as an anti-romantic act

/project of semantic poetry, time and reasons for its creation, social and literary background/

  1. Mocking or asking for directions? – semantic poetry as an expression of artistic self-irony, but also as a cure for all the evils of political propaganda and media manipulation.
  2. Poland – say it yourself. “Dąbrowski’s Mazurka” in a joint, creative translation into semantic poetry and, at the same time, into the language of modern times.

We are waiting for your applications. Just call – tel. 24 364 70 83. See you soon!

The workshops are part of the “Stories. The world is more complicated than our laws about it”, carried out by the Masovian Museum in Płock in partnership with the Kunstbanken Center for Contemporary Art in Hamar, Norway, and financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (MF EEA_ 2014 – 2021).