Kari Mølstad

About the artist

Kari Mølstad works with blown and coldworked sculptural glass objects.
The surface is essential for Mølstad; it almost appears as a three-dimensional canvas where she patiently grinds in various structures. Hundreds of traces are carved here into a visually arranged system. The pattern may look like a planned mathematical construction, but it is in the process itself that it is created. Light, shadow, dullness and glossiness are used to enhance the surface and shape.

Kari Mølstad (b. 1977) is a glass artist educated at The National School of Glass, Orrefors, Sweden, and KADK — The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Design, Bornholm, Denmark. She has exhibited her work both home and abroad, and is represented in Norwegian art collections including the National Museum of Art, The City of Oslo Art Collection and Lillehammer Art Museum. In 2013, she received the Scheiblers Foundation Talent Award in Crafts, and so far has received several grants from the Norwegian Cultural Council.

Additional information

Country of origin: Norway