Tor Alex Erichsen

About the artist

Tor Alex Erichsen (b. 1955) will be exhibiting 7 handmade ceramic jars, one for each day of the week.

Here is what he once wrote about his jars:

“I work with simplified classic jar/urn shapes, where the décor is central. The motifs are taken from the Nordic landscape, with animals and plants, often in ornamental repetitions. My purpose with the objects and décor is to let the viewer have an experience and, upon closer examination, discover the detailed imprints of animals and plants. The “globe” inside is a reminder of how great nature is, the one we see, experience and sometimes, unfortunately, destroy.

I call the jars ’round paintings’ for consideration, not for physical use.”

Erichsen was educated at The Norwegian National Academy of Craft and Art Industry (1974-78), and since then has participated in a number of exhibitions in Norway.

Additional information

Country of origin: Norway